Newtonsville Police Department

The Newtonsville Police Department, which includes
the Auxiliary Unit, was reactivated by Ordinance 2008-3,
in August 2008.
The Chief of Police is Bradley Nichols, who started with
the Village on March 24, 2014.

The Auxiliary Unit consists of 13  part-time officers
who come from several surrounding counties.

The 2014 Roster:  Capt. Casey Gray,
Lt. Geoff Robertson, Sgt. Geoff Schramm
, Ptl. Casey Audretch
Ptl. John Buckles,  Ptl. Steve Flint,
Ptl. John Helton,   Ptl. Frank Lambros
PTl. Zachary Meszaros  Ptl. Charles Neumeier,
Ptl. Greg Schnell    Ptl. Bobby Wagner.